The Rise of Tiamat

The Bardic Recap

Leosin Earlenthar sent some whack-ass, talking raven to try and coax us to waterdeep for some reason, said to use the gift that the bird brought to meet him in Waterdeep.

Spoiler alert: gift is a teleportation scroll

May have heard of this Earlinthar guy, member of the harpers. Male Half-elf from Burdusk.

Faction: The harpers, pride themselves on knowledge and information, latest incarnation keeps a close watch on the balance of power, and promotes fairness and equality in non-obrtusive ways.

Notable songs: You’re swift as a tortoise And wise as a gnat You think you’re romantic when you say “Where the gnome women at?”

Face like a donkey body like a deer’s. I’m sure you’ll look better After I’ve had some beers

The dragons are trying to raise Tiamat from the depths of hell., and we met some other guy, Delva Silmerhelve the Waterdhavian noble knows about the drak-horn, that we’ve heard sounding.

Dagalt Neverember – lord protector of waterdeep

Cult of the dragon is trying to raise tiamat from the 9 hells, no ordinary task, a massive undertaking.

Remallia Haventree – from harpers

Ontharr Frume – order of the gauntlet

Delaan Winterhound – The emerald enclave

Ladyu Laeral Silverhand

Ambassador Connerad Brawnsanvil

Marshall Ulder Ravenguard

King Melendrach – king of the misting forests, 2 sons, alagarthas and neronvain

too many words to know

white mask, white is right, varram the white at Boarskier bridge (who ski’s on boars?) Dwarven Cultist, gone looking for the white dragon mask, spotted here

more words. Near the serpent hills. Track him down yall

Delva talks about the draghorn, look near the sea of moving ice. Ask Mccath the Crimson, Tiefling sorcerer

Dragon eggs, ransom them? Destroy them? Eat them? sit on them and see what happens?


OK Marshall Ravenguard is giving horses to head towards the serpent hills, to find the dragon’s mask.


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